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Tax Facts

  Let me start off by saying I hate taxes. Not in a conservative “the government should stay out of my pocket” sort of way. It’s more of a procrastination […]

The Stock Market Fund Everyone Should Own

The other day I opened Yahoo! Finance to find an article on an investment Warren Buffet made about eight years ago. The article¬†outlines a bet between Buffet, famous CEO of […]

Finding Motivation

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation. What motivates me? What gives me inspiration? What keeps me getting up everyday and doing this life thing? Initially this topic doesn’t […]

How to Make a Simple Budget (and stick to it)

Budgeting is one of those necessities of financial responsibility. In my opinion everyone needs to budget to some degree even if you may make a lot more money than you […]

5 Ways Frugal People Are Saving More Money Than You

There are two ways we can all grow our bank accounts. The first way is to make more money, the second is to spend less. One of these options is […]