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The Magical Number of Stock Investing

Today I want to talk about that mystical, magical number of stock market investing. It’s the number you’ll find already plugged into your online retirement calculator. It’s also number your […]

How to Marry Someone’s Money in 3 Easy Steps

I felt like my last blog post sort of left the reader standing on the edge of a cliff. I know I can sound a little pessimistic when it comes […]

Why Get Married? The Financial Bonds of Marriage

We’re entering summer pretty soon and that means wedding season. In the last year it seems like a lot of my friends have gotten married and for me marriage brings […]

Rent Vs. Home Ownership Part Two: A Hypothetical

As a follow up to my most recent post about renting versus home buying I decided to do a little numbers experiment. It turns out we often approach financial questions […]

Rent Vs. Home Ownership: Why My Generation is Getting This So Wrong

I want you to picture the middle-class American Dream for a second. For most people this includes a great job, a soulmate, a couple of kids and maybe a wiener […]