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Frugal Adventures: Portland Edition

I decided at the beginning of the year that I’d start doing the travel I’ve always wanted to. I tend to wait around for the right time— so why not […]

The Secret to Success is … Wait for it …

Hi guys! Today we have a guest post from Chris at Check out his most recent post Experience is Better Than Stuff Except When it’s Not I want you […]

Perpetually Uncool: Financial Lessons from a Complete Weirdo

Growing up I was a pretty special kid. By special I mean awkward, annoying, and desperately uncool. At the time I felt like my uniqueness held me back from everything […]

Do What You Love?

The other day we had a graduation party for my little sister. She’s 17 soon to be 18 heading to one of the local community colleges with a glimmer in […]

Olive’s Art

Gundo Money on Bitcoin

I have a bit of a confession to make…I love to gamble my money away playing poker. I go to Vegas around three times a year and generally spend more […]