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Car Money Guide For People Who NEED New Cars

OMG I Got a Car Lease How could I do that? Anyone who’s good with money knows car leases are a completely terrible way to spend your money! Before you […]

Stop Sitting on your #%&*$ Money!

My Boyfriend discovered the stock market recently. He comes home everyday and excitedly tells me how the market was that day. He’s only recently had the money to invest, and […]

Get the Most Out of a No Annual Fee Credit Card

Hi Guys! Today I have for you a guest post from Tom over at FIREd Up Millennial. Financial bloggers talk a lot about credit cards, and most of us just […]

Owning Your Money Story

    In talking to people about their money I find that a lot of people feel behind in some way. Not only do they feel behind, but they have […]

You Can’t Take The Money With You

Whew! Who knew moving was so expensive. I recently moved with my boyfriend out of Southern California and into Silicon Valley. For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly getting […]

Why I Quit Christmas

  Whenever the Christmas season comes around every year I get super excited about the decorations. I get excited about eggnog lattes and peppermint essence in the air. I get […]

Your Health Insurance Toolbox

This guide contains no affiliate links 🙂 When I was in rehab they would talk about our toolbox. Most addicts have no tools for living, and so they tried to […]

The Thing About Starting an Online Marketing Business

This week I’m featuring the writing of my friend Brent from Debtfiles. He caught my eye with his quirky/fun writing style and I had to ask him to write something […]

The All-Out Guide to Health Insurance

  I have to tell you guys I am super afraid to buy private health insurance this year. Actually, I’m terrified, frozen with fear, wracked with paralyzing anxiety about buying […]

The Financial Accounting of Time

  Today’s blog post is a little different in that it’s an exercise and it will require your participation. I read recently that the best thing you’ll ever do for […]