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Your Health Insurance Toolbox

This guide contains no affiliate links 🙂 When I was in rehab they would talk about our toolbox. Most addicts have no tools for living, and so they tried to […]

The All-Out Guide to Health Insurance

  I have to tell you guys I am super afraid to buy private health insurance this year. Actually, I’m terrified, frozen with fear, wracked with paralyzing anxiety about buying […]

Understanding Your Health Insurance Options: HSAs, FSAs, and All the Other As

So here’s the deal. I’m a 24 year old college student who makes a small income and I dread the day I have to pay for health insurance. Thanks to […]

Why Whole Life Insurance is a Bad Idea

I’ve seen various television personalities and financial advice columns recently discussing whole life insurance. It seems to me that whenever whole life insurance comes up as a topic It’s been […]