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The Financial Accounting of Time

  Today’s blog post is a little different in that it’s an exercise and it will require your participation. I read recently that the best thing you’ll ever do for […]

Gundo Money on Bitcoin

I have a bit of a confession to make…I love to gamble my money away playing poker. I go to Vegas around three times a year and generally spend more […]

The Magical Number of Stock Investing

Today I want to talk about that mystical, magical number of stock market investing. It’s the number you’ll find already plugged into your online retirement calculator. It’s also number your […]

The Stock Market Fund Everyone Should Own

The other day I opened Yahoo! Finance to find an article on an investment Warren Buffet made about eight years ago. The article outlines a bet between Buffet, famous CEO of […]

Don’t Let the Market Downturn Scare You

  It seems to me that every time the stock market goes down people get scared and want to change their investments. They sell stocks and buy more predictable investments […]

401k Investing Decoded

Allow me to give you a hypothetical situation. Say I offered you free money no questions asked, do you think you would turn it down? In fact a lot of […]

The Acorns App: Stock Investing With Pocket Change

There has been some chatter lately on Yahoo Finance and others about this new app called Acorns. The app was set up to help people break into stock investing who […]