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Owning Your Money Story

    In talking to people about their money I find that a lot of people feel behind in some way. Not only do they feel behind, but they have […]

You Can’t Take The Money With You

Whew! Who knew moving was so expensive. I recently moved with my boyfriend out of Southern California and into Silicon Valley. For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly getting […]

Why I Quit Christmas

  Whenever the Christmas season comes around every year I get super excited about the decorations. I get excited about eggnog lattes and peppermint essence in the air. I get […]

The Thing About Starting an Online Marketing Business

This week I’m featuring the writing of my friend Brent from Debtfiles. He caught my eye with his quirky/fun writing style and I had to ask him to write something […]

Net Worth or Self-Worth

  I’d like you to consider your savings goals for a second. What is the amount of money that, once saved, would represent the financial promise land for you? Now […]

The Return

Oh Yeah, I’m Back It has been nearly a full year since I wrote anything for Gundomoney and I must say I’m glad to be back. Where did I go? […]

Rough Seas

I’ve been in a lot of back pain lately. Not like the kind of annoying back pain you get every once in a while from a hard day’s work. It’s […]

Quit Your Job and Take the Train

Every once in a while in life you get to meet someone who challenges how you think about your life and your money. What if I could act as if […]

Frugal Adventures: Portland Edition

I decided at the beginning of the year that I’d start doing the travel I’ve always wanted to. I tend to wait around for the right time— so why not […]

The Secret to Success is … Wait for it …

Hi guys! Today we have a guest post from Chris at Check out his most recent post Experience is Better Than Stuff Except When it’s Not I want you […]