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The Thing About Starting an Online Marketing Business

This week I’m featuring the writing of my friend Brent from Debtfiles. He caught my eye with his quirky/fun writing style and I had to ask him to write something […]

The Financial Accounting of Time

  Today’s blog post is a little different in that it’s an exercise and it will require your participation. I read recently that the best thing you’ll ever do for […]

Do What You Love?

The other day we had a graduation party for my little sister. She’s 17 soon to be 18 heading to one of the local community colleges with a glimmer in […]

Gundo Money on Bitcoin

I have a bit of a confession to make…I love to gamble my money away playing poker. I go to Vegas around three times a year and generally spend more […]

The Financial Surrender

Sometimes I get seriously wrapped up in my everyday expenses. How can I spend less? How can I optimize my happiness while edging out my consumerism? These are pressing questions […]

Balancing Frugality and Enjoying Your Life

  About five years ago I was in a money hole I couldn’t see my way out of. I had a $6,000 student load and owed $12,000 on a 10 […]

How I Spend Almost Nothing on Groceries

  A couple of years ago it was a tradition to have dinner with my boyfriend’s parents every week. They always had a ton of ingredients in whatever they made. […]

The Money Truth Behind Apple Products

  A couple weeks ago I spent the whole week camped out in my college library studying for finals. I’d leave for brief fill-ups of caffeine or the rejuvenating sustenance […]

Podshare: The Next Great LA Startup

So I decided to put my cohousing money where my mouth is this week by staying at a shared living space. If you haven’t read Group Living for the Win go […]

How to Marry Someone’s Money in 3 Easy Steps

I felt like my last blog post sort of left the reader standing on the edge of a cliff. I know I can sound a little pessimistic when it comes […]