Brian & Elsie

We’re Engaged!

Back in 2017 I started a new chapter in my recovery. Never did I realize that it would lead me straight to Brian. Though we’d known each other almost 10 years, we hadn’t talked at length or spent much time together. When you’ve got two introverts in a crowd of people connections don’t get made very often.

Brian is a sweet, sensitive, incredibly smart, and authentic person who just wants to share laughs with me. From the beginning I could rely on him to answer my phone calls and texts, to show up when I needed to move heavy things. Though he was soft spoken, he had a kind of devotion and loyalty that spoke much louder than words. I loved that both of us were always on time, we managed our money well, and we liked to go to bed early. When we go to parties we always can’t wait to leave. We both love stand up comedy and will laugh at fart jokes forever.

Since we got to know eachother well we’ve been inseparable. We moved to San Jose in 2018 and have been living the Norcal life with all our new recovery friends ever since. This year (sometime) we will have a small wedding. We aren’t accepting any wedding gifts (we have no space), but you can help send us on a great honeymoon.

Thank you to all the friends & family who gave encouragement and support through the years of our recovery. We truly wouldn’t be functioning humans without you!