Gundo Loves Crunching the Numbers

I find as I’m writing my blog that I need to employ online calculators to check the numbers I’m quoting. Here are a few calculators I love.

Early Retirement

This calculator is very simplified but it’ll give you a rough estimate of when you could theoretically retire. It assumes a 4% withdrawal rate which means you only need to use 4% of your investments each year to cover your expenses. We can’t know what the future will hold for stock investing but history says that maintaining a 4% withdrawal rate will allow your principal to essentially last forever.

Compound Interest

I use this whenever I’m comparing different investments, usually my high interest savings accounts. It’ll let you know how much you’ll have in X amount of years if you contribute X amount of dollars per year.

Cost of Car Ownership

This will tell you how much your car really costs including fuel, registration, repairs, insurance, and loan interest. Turns out your new car probably costs you three times its actual price over the life of the car.

Rent VS. Buy

Does it make long term sense for you to own a home in your area? Do you actually come out on top renting? This calculator will iron out the details for you