How Much Does Happiness Cost?

Lately I’ve been thinking about happiness. How will my financial decisions today affect my future happiness? Will the career I choose, where I choose to live, and the people I associate […]

The Financial Benefits of Finishing College Slowly

I have to confess to my readers that I often feel behind in life. I dropped out of college at 18 and opted to work full-time for six years. Honestly […]

Paycheck to Paycheck: 7 Ways You’re Slowly Going Broke

I don’t find it very interesting to talk about saving money. The reason is that it’s simple and theres no real secrets there. Don’t spend money on luxuries and make […]

The Newest Trend in Loan Financing and Why You Should Care

I listen to a lot of podcasts and news media in the area of finance and economics. Lately I keep hearing ads for this company called SoFi. With a tag-line […]

Tell Tale Signs of Bad Financial Advice

There is a lot of advice out there for almost anything you can think of. Want to learn how to make your own laundry soap? How about asking WebMD what that weird rash is?  Because […]

What Really Affects Your Credit Score

It’s time to talk about good old credit scores. A lot of us don’t really think about our credit score until we need to buy something big. For the average […]

Group Living for the Win

  How many of us have had money problems in the past year? How many times can we recount the paycheck not going quite far enough? I think one contribution […]

The Simplest Money Hack I Know

  When I was a kid I loved playing at my grandma’s house. My grandparents lived, and still live, in a mid-size house they bought back in 1979 for under […]

Tax Facts

  Let me start off by saying I hate taxes. Not in a conservative “the government should stay out of my pocket” sort of way. It’s more of a procrastination […]

The Stock Market Fund Everyone Should Own

The other day I opened Yahoo! Finance to find an article on an investment Warren Buffet made about eight years ago. The article outlines a bet between Buffet, famous CEO of […]